EE Production is the graphic design and production department of EE Publishers.

Our value proposition

EE Production takes the load off our customers’ shoulders and provides an economical, fast, reliable and quality production service, thus allowing customers to focus on their core activities.

Our sectors

EE Production operates in the print and electronic media, and focuses on the energy, electrical, measurement, instrumentation, electronics, telecommunications, automation, control, ICT, geomatics, surveying and GISc sectors of Southern Africa.

Our key advantages

EE Production is focused, dedicated and experienced in its sectors. Our editorial department provides high-level technical know-how and support in the writing of copy for adverts, advertorials, catalogs, brochures and flyers. Our magazines, website and email newsletters magazines are the acknowledged market leaders in these sectors, and provide effective distribution channels to reach readers in these sectors in Southern Africa.

Our skills, products and services

EE Production has significant experience in all aspects of print and electronic media publishing and associated services. Products and services include the conceptualisation, design, writing of copy, photography, scanning, layout, desktop publishing, electronic publishing, printing and distribution of:

  • Books, magazines and newsletters
  • Advertisements and advertorials
  • Catalogs, leaflets, brochures and flyers
  • Encapsulated posters and other display material
  • Logos, business cards, folders and stationery
  • Other promotional material

Our prices and rates

By their nature, the offerings, products and services of EE Production are unique, and generally follow from detailed discussions and/or face-to-face meetings with our clients to establish their needs and objectives, prior to written proposals and quotations, for acceptance by the client on a case-by-case basis.

For a meeting, proposal and quotation, please contact EE Production at:

EE Production
PO Box 458, Muldersdrift, 1747, South Africa
Tel: 011 543-7000
E-mail:; Web site: