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In every issue of EngineerIT there are five main sections:

These features are designed to assist you in focusing on a specific service or product range to support clients’ advertising with editorial material and technical articles.

In addition we have the following regular monthly features:

  • In conversation with… – a monthly regular interview with a “mover and shaker” in the industry.
  • AeroSpace and beyond – a monthly feature on space communication and astronomy.
  • Amateur radio – a monthly feature of radio technology in action.
  • Gadgets4Geeks – a monthly feature of new and exciting technology gadgets.
  • Telecoms developments in Africa – a monthly roundup of African telecommunication news.
  • Q&A – industry experts share their knowledge in a question and answer format.
  • Virtual panel discussion – a variety of topical issues are discussed by a panel in a virtual format.
  • Startup spotlight – a monthly feature on a new tech startup.

We select news items, product news and technical articles on the basis of their relevance to the industry. It is our objective to bring our readers articles on cutting-edge technologies, comments and news relevant to today’s market.

In addition to the main features for the month, there are a number of sub-features (shown below the main feature) that focus on company and product market-place news, typically 200 words and a photograph as may be applicable.

Our features editor will also invite companies to participate in interview opportunities on the main feature subjects. These interview opportunities are selected for their relevance, up-to-date technology and, above all their newsworthiness.

We invite you to make EngineerIT your marketing tool, whether it is about promoting your technology or corporate image.

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In every issue of Energize there are four main sections, covering all aspects of electric power and energy:

  • Renewable energy
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Generation
  • Application


Renewable energy: Wind turbine technology developments

Design and manufacture; wind farms and wind-power systems; associated regulation, protection, control and automation systems; measurement, logging and prediction systems, recovery and recycling.

Transmission and Distribution: Smart grid developments

Power system and substation monitoring, control and automation systems; DCS and SCADA systems; data communication and telecontrol systems; protection schemes, relays and testing; metering and remote meter reading systems.

Generation: Energy storage systems

Storage system applications, electrochemical storage systems, reversible fuel cells, super-capacitors, kinetic and potential energy storage systems, advanced battery technologies; pumped water storage (PWS) systems; gravity storage.

Application: Water and wastewater applications

Water desalination systems; operation, condition monitoring, maintenance and repair of pumps, motors and associated drives; energy recovery in water reticulation systems; solar powered water pumping; irrigation system pump motors and controls.


Renewable energy: Biofuel power generation systems

Biomass, biogas from landfill, municipal and agricultural waste; ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, maize and sugar to liquid fuel plants; co-firing and multi-fuel boilers and gas engines; generation of heat and power from forestry, agricultural, sugar cane, pulp.

Transmission and Distribution: AC overhead lines

Towers, conductors and line hardware, ABC systems and components; construction, testing and maintenance of lines; testing, maintenance, protection, and safety equipment and systems; autoreclosers, line sectionalisers, disconnect switches, fault passage indicators; optical ground wire.

Generation: Coal-fired power plants

Boilers, supercritical and hypercritical boiler systems, steam turbines, generators, condensers, cooling towers and heat exchangers; mechanically driven equipment and associated drives; coal and ash material handling systems.

Application: Chemical and petrochemical industry applications

Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof electrical and instrumentation systems; electrical installations at chemical and petrochemical plants; EV charging on retail fuel forecourts, or at potentially hazardous industrial sites.


Renewable energy: Solar thermal power generation systems

Planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of solar thermal power generation systems;  heat storage systems; geothermal power generation systems; ground source heating and cooling systems; solar heating and cooling systems.

Transmission and Distribution: Substations

Design, installation, maintenance and operation of outdoor and indoor substations; busbar systems and insulators; system protection schemes; CTs and VTs; substation automation, mobile substations; protection relays, substation switchgear and apparatus; copper theft prevention; mini substations.

Generation: Nuclear power generation plants

Construction, management, operation and maintenance; new nuclear power developments; small modular nuclear reactors; nuclear waste management, transport, recycling and disposal; pollution control and environmental protection; associated plant and equipment; hybrid power.

Application: Transportation applications

Traction motor design and repair, power converters for electric traction; traction transformers, electric and hybrid vehicles, mine electric locomotives, batteries and chargers; forklifts and container handlers.


Renewable energy: Ground-based photovoltaic (PV) systems

Mounting systems, trackers, inverters, cabling, earthing and lightning protection; panel cleaning systems, dirt monitors; centralised and distributed inverters; advanced inverter design and operation; energy monitoring; security and personnel safety.

Transmission and Distribution: Power transformers

Power transformer components, materials and accessories; windings, insulation materials, insulators and bushings; tap changers and associated equipment; power transformer operation, condition monitoring and testing techniques and equipment; transformer oil testing, analysis and treatment.

Generation: Co-generation power plants

Small steam turbines and alternator sets; industrial waste heat and waste product-fired boilers; fuel sources and fuel handling; waste gas systems, furnace off-gas and industrial biogas; heat recovery and steam generation systems.

Application: Hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities

Energy requirements for healthcare facilities, electrical, hot water, sterile airconditioning, high heat (autoclaves, sterilisation equipment); medical electrical equipment: principles, installation, operation and maintenance.


Renewable energy: Hybrid power generation systems

Planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of hybrid systems; combined wind, hydro, pumped storage, solar PV, concentrating solar, energy storage, diesel, gas or biomass power and heat generation systems.

Transmission and Distribution: Microgrid and embedded energy systems

Microgrid controllers; planning and design; grid connection, generation and dispatch management; network energy storage and dispatch; safety and current flow protection and control.

Generation: Hydro-power plants

Turbines, generators, pumped water storage (PWS) systems; installation of pumps, run-of-river hydropower systems; hydropower plant control, monitoring, management and maintenance; ocean (wave) power.

Application: Commercial, industrial and residential building applications

Management of energy in buildings; energy efficient building services; green buildings and building management systems; energy efficient lighting; load and process cycle shifting; energy auditing and tariff impact studies; power quality management; demand side energy management.


Renewable energy: Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems

Tower, parabolic, trough and Fresnell mirror CSP systems; combined thermal and CSP power stations; heat storage systems; design, construction and funding; cost and tariff calculations.

Transmission and Distribution: Switchgear equipment and operator protection

Medium and high voltage switchgear; air insulated, gas insulated and solid insulated switchgear, metal clad switchgear, SF6 insulated switchgear, vacuum circuit breakers, contactors, isolators, fused isolators, fuse gear; switchgear testing and maintenance techniques and systems; protective gear.

Generation: Fixed and mobile standby and temporary power generation systems

Diesel and gas engine powered generators; containerised and mobile generator sets; power farms; monitoring, protection, automation, control and synchronisation; power rental systems.

Application: High reliability power supply for critical operations

UPS systems, standby power supplies (SPS), rectifiers, inverters and batteries; hybrid UPS/SPS systems; remote monitoring and control of UPS/SPS systems; lightning and surge protection; power quality and quality-of-supply auditing; power quality monitoring, reporting and management systems.


Renewable energy: Photovoltaic (PV) technology developments

PV panel technology developments and manufacture; multilayer panels, concentrated PV, thin-film, crystalline PV; recovery and recycling of PV panels; localisation of the industry; efficiency and cost reduction.

Transmission and Distribution: Distribution transformer design and application

Oil insulated and dry-type distribution transformers; pole mount and pad mount transformers; tap changers and associated equipment; distribution transformer maintenance testing and repair.

Generation: Gas fired power generation systems

Open-cycle gas (OCG) and combined-cycle gas (CCG) systems; combined heat and power (CHP) plants; reciprocating gas engine plant; tri-generation systems; heat recovery and use; processes to improve generating efficiency.

Application: Industrial power quality management systems

Load profile and quality of supply metering, active and reactive power demand, voltage control systems; power quality management systems; dip and sag ride through systems; industrial power factor correction, harmonic filters.


Renewable energy: Off-grid renewable energy power systems

Planning, design, installation, operation and maintenance of systems for electrification of rural villages, schools and clinics; systems for rural off-grid electrification; off-grid power supply systems for telecoms, mines etc.; wind, solar, mini-hydro, biomass, fuel cell, etc.; energy storage systems.

Transmission and Distribution: Power cable design and application

Single-core and multi-core power cables for transmission and distribution; power cable accessories, terminations, and connections; testing and fault location techniques and equipment; jointing and terminating systems; cable theft prevention schemes and equipment.

Generation: Clean coal power generation technologies

Emission control systems; carbon capture and storage systems; underground coal gasification; pre- and post-combustion systems; flue gas scrubbing systems; electrostatic precipitators; particulate filters.

Application: Manufacturing and processing industry applications

Fixed and variable speed drives; motor control centres (MCCs) and motor control applications; processing, control and energy management systems; energy efficiency; demand-side energy management; factory environmental control systems, energy efficient cooling and cold storage.


Renewable energy: System modelling and analysis

Energy demand, load profile and consumption studies; industrial, commercial and domestic service connections; consumption metering; revenue protection systems; net metering and feed-in systems and tariffs.

Transmission and Distribution: Power quality measurement systems and services

Transmission line shunt and series capacitor banks, reactors and associated protection relays and schemes; static var compensators (SVCs) and other FACTS devices and equipment; large harmonic filters and associated system studies; step voltage regulators.

Generation: Generating plant maintenance and repair

Maintenance, repair and refurbishment of turbines, engines, alternators, furnaces, boilers and ancillary equipment; testing, condition monitoring and asset management.

Application: Industrial energy management and energy saving technologies

Demand-side management; load shifting and load control; industrial process control and expert control systems; energy efficiency, rectifiers, controlled rectifiers, rectifier transformers and electrolytic processes; intrinsically safe and explosion-proof electrical and instrumentation systems.


Renewable energy: Rooftop PV systems

Own generation PV rooftop systems; inverters, protection equipment, grid connections, net-metering, battery storage systems, standards and legislation; monitoring and control systems; safety and security of personnel and equipment.

Transmission and Distribution: MV distribution systems

MV distribution and distribution boards, circuit breakers and protection; arc flash protection equipment and systems; earthing and lightning protection; reticulation for commercial buildings, office parks, sports stadiums and campuses, housing estates and complexes.

Generation: Power plant planning, operation, maintenance and protection

Power plant project planning; power plant control and instrumentation systems; PLC, DCS and SCADA systems; field instrumentation; generator protection relays and systems; power plant maintenance, testing, condition monitoring and asset management; load-following control systems.

Application: Mining, metals and minerals applications

Drives;  conveyor and stacker reclaimer systems; energy recovery systems; containerised and mobile switchgear units; arc and induction furnaces; voltage control systems for dip and sag ride-through; energy efficiency; underground hazardous gas and environmental monitoring.


Renewable energy: Utility scale photovoltaic (PV) power systems

PV panel technology, developments and manufacture; frames, structures, support and hardware; trackers, inverters, balance of plant equipment, monitoring and control systems; mounting systems, cables and connector boxes; security and safety equipment and systems.

Transmission and Distribution: High voltage DC transmission

HVDC power transmission, lines, towers and line hardware; HVDC light cable systems and hardware, HVDC converter equipment and systems; outdoor HVDC substations, switchgear and apparatus; safety equipment and practices.

Generation: Generator and alternator technology

Design and manufacture; alternator cooling systems; two-pole and mutipole systems; stator and rotor rewinds; upgrade and modernisation; equipment life extension, failure mechanisms and protection systems.

Application: Large electrical motors and drives

Energy efficient motor design; MV variable speed drives; design, operation, protection, maintenance and repair of synchronous, squirrel cage and wound rotor induction motors and drives; motor starters and soft start systems for large motors; motor protection systems; motor rewinds.

In every issue of Vector there are four main sections namely:

  • Lighting design & application
  • Switchgear & drives
  • Mechanical technology
  • Installations & contracting


Lighting: Lighting design, manufacture, installation, testing and verification; industrial, commercial and domestic luminaires, light fittings and accessories.

Switchgear & drives: Fixed speed direct-on-line, star-delta, liquid rotor resistance, metal grid rotor resistance, reactor and Korndorffer motor starters and controlgear; electronic reduced-voltage soft-starters.

Mechanical technology: Power transmission; mechanical soft starters; fluid couplings and eddy current couplings; solid and flexible couplings; belt and chain drives; gearboxes and combination motor/gearbox drives.

Installations & contracting: Energy efficiency technologies, equipment, regulations and standards; LV electrical installation regulations, standards, product authorisation and certificates of compliance.


Lighting: Innovative lighting and lighting design; developments, techniques and practices in lighting energy efficiency; LED lighting, fiber optic lighting; solar powered lighting and daylight harvesting.

Switchgear & drives: Single and multi-motor fixed and variable speed drives, motors, power transmission and mechanically driven equipment in the iron, steel and metals industries.

Mechanical technology: Metal heating, melting and smelting; arc furnaces; mains, medium and high frequency induction furnaces; casting, forging, milling and drawing; valves and regulators; gas metal arc welding; arc welding; oxy acetylene welding; PPE for welding, and welding machines.

Installations & contracting: On-site and factory maintenance and repair services for LV motors, transformers, switchgear, drives and mechanically driven equipment; lightning, surge protection and earthing.


Lighting: Design and application of luminaires for area floodlighting, security lighting for stadiums, mines, factories and plants; high-bay and bulkhead luminaires for mines, plants and factories; downlights, HID lamps and other specialised luminaires.

Switchgear & drives: LV distribution switchgear, panels, enclosures and components including isolators, fused isolators and fusegear; ACBs, MCCBs and MCBs; earth leakage units, pushbuttons, lamps, relays and timers.

Mechanical technology: Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning; dust extraction, collection and pollution control; manufacturing and production engineering; filters; air filtration; gas detection; ERP, CAD, CAM and automation.

Installations & contracting: Electrical and mechanical construction; cabling, ducts, racks, glands and cable installation accessories; busbar trunking and ducting; construction tools, equipment and safety issues.


 Lighting: Energy efficient lighting design and controls; motion and occupancy sensors; dimming systems for LEDs; lighting installations, tools and accessories; testing and measurements in lighting and lighting for aviation and trains..

Switchgear & drives: Fixed and variable speed drives, motors, power transmission and mechanically driven equipment in surface and underground mining industries; infra-red thermal imaging and measurement.

Mechanical technology: Mine winders, hoists, elevators, winches and cranes; mechanical shovels, draglines, stacker reclaimers; materials handling and logistics; mine voice and data communication.

Installations & contracting: Domestic and commercial electrical installation hardware; LV plugs, sockets, switches, conduit, wire and all other installation hardware and tools; lightning and surge protection; earthing.


Lighting: Electronic ballasts and lighting controlgear; lighting automation; control communication technologies including DALI and wireless for factories, buildings, commercial, domestic and automotive applications.

Switchgear & drives: Fixed and variable speed drives, motors, power transmission and mechanically driven equipment in the water, waste water and sewage industries.

Mechanical technology: Pipelines; axial flow, booster, slurry, submersible and diaphragm pumps; valves and regulators; mass, flow and pressure transmitters; flow meters; seals, bearings, sleeves and bushes; condition monitoring; maintenance; lubrication and industrial coatings.

Installations & contracting: Maintenance, testing and safety issues; intrinsically safe and flameproof instrumentation and personal protective equipment (PPE); prepaid meters.


Lighting: Flameproof luminaires; lighting design and application for hazardous areas including fiery mines, petrochemical industries, refineries and plants; illuminated signage.

Switchgear & drives: LV motor starting switchgear and controlgear; MCCs, panels, enclosures and components, including isolators, fuses, MCCBs, contactors, protection relays, pushbuttons, lamps, relays and timers.

Mechanical technology: Conveyor belts, pulleys and drives; monitoring and protection; belt slip, speed, tension and emergency stop pull-rope devices and cranes; hydraulics and pressure gauges.

Installations & contracting: Underground cables; overhead lines; cable reeling and festooning equipment; line, cable and wiring accessories; tools and safety equipment.


Lighting: Design and application of street lighting systems, luminaires, poles, masts, towers and gantries; traffic lights, traffic control displays and warning beacons; solar power and emergency lighting technologies.

Switchgear & drives: Fixed speed direct-on-line, star-delta, liquid rotor resistance, metal grid rotor resistance, reactor and Korndorffer motor starters and controlgear; electronic reduced voltage soft starters.

Mechanical technology: Pumps; fans; compressors; refrigeration machines; crushers; mills and conveyors; mixers and blending systems.

Installations & contracting: UPS, batteries and chargers; diesel generators and standby power supplies; genset controllers; lightning and surge protection; earthing; labeling; trunking and junction boxes.


Lighting: Existing, new and emerging light-source and lamp technologies, developments, applications and controls including LED lighting, fiber optics, organic LED systems; lighting for office productivity.

Switchgear & drives: Flameproof drives, motors, switchgear, enclosures and accessories for hazardous areas and other arduous environments in the mining, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Mechanical technology: Coal mining machinery and mining automation; loaders, haulage systems and conveyor systems; laser cutting; gear, vane, piston and centrifugal pumps.

Installations & contracting: Test and measurement products, systems and services for electrical and mechanical installations; infra-red thermal imaging and measurement.


Lighting: Energy efficient light sources, lamps and luminaires; electronic ballasts and controls; energy efficient designs and control systems; stage lighting; lighting for theaters and entertainment; light fittings and accessories.

Switchgear & drives: Small and medium power LV variable speed drives; switchgear; motors and mechanically driven equipment for industrial, factory, manufacturing and other applications.

Mechanical technology: Robotics and automation in manufacturing, assembly and packaging; electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic grippers, actuators, cylinders, valves and controls; rotary and position encoders.

Installations & contracting: Power tools; UPS, batteries and chargers; power tools and personal protective equipment (PPE).


Lighting: Specialist lighting applications – airports, stadiums and display areas; emergency lighting and battery technologies; UVGI luminaires (for germicidal sterilisation); lamp recycling.

Switchgear & drives: Large variable speed drives, motors and mechanically driven equipment in process, chemical and petrochemical industries; infra-red thermal imaging and measurement.

Mechanical technology: Condition, temperature and vibration monitoring; shaft alignment and displacement monitoring; lubrication and maintenance; cylinders and gas detection.

Installations & contracting: LV electrical wiring and cabling; cable glands, joints, enclosures and accessories; plugs, sockets and switches; installation and construction power tools and safety equipment.

November / December

Lighting: Design and application of domestic, commercial, architectural and stage lighting luminaires; lighting control systems and communications technologies including DALI and wireless; lighting for mines.

Switchgear & drives: Single and multi-motor fixed and variable speed drives, motors, power transmission and mechanically driven equipment in the pulp and paper industries.

Mechanical technology: Saw mills, wood chippers, boilers, digesters, paper machines and associated mechanical equipment in the wood, pulp and paper industries; mass metering, load cells and weighing systems; waste management.

Installations & contracting: Solar power installations and solar water heating; installation and construction tools and hardware; LV plugs, sockets, switches, conduit, wire and all other installation hardware and tools; lightning and surge protection; earthing.

PositionIT is an industry magazine for the geospatial and construction sectors.

Published online and in print, PositionIT has four main sections:

  • Geomatics, surveying and measurement
  • ConstructionIT and MiningIT
  • 3D modelling, mapping and visualisation
  • GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications

Each section contains news articles and technical articles – learn more about the type of articles and how to submit articles in our Author’s Guide. Read more about each issue’s main themes below. To advertise in PositionIT, also see our rates.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Engineering surveying for construction, harbours, dams, mines, roads, buildings, civil, mechanical and electrical works; associated tools and equipment. Geodetic surveying; deformation monitoring; surveying of geological and natural formations; seismological measurements; surveying of archaeological sites; associated land and construction surveying equipment, systems and services.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Software and e-solutions for cost and design management, procurement, capital planning and fund tracking in the mining and construction sectors. Asset optimisation solutions for improved performance, production and cost reduction. CAD design and planning software solutions. Machine control products for agriculture, construction and mining.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: Accident scene mapping and 3D accident simulations; 3D spatial modelling and visualisation systems; 3D fly-throughs and augmented and virtual reality platforms; contour modelling; cameras, multimedia data visualisation, presentation systems and techniques; associated products, systems and services.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: Processing of drone (RPAS/UAV) data; interpretation and analysis of captured data; metadata and data archiving; standards and interoperability; geocoding; data scanning; data storage and retrieval; associated hardware and software, systems and services.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Satellite and sensor technologies for asset protection and satellite monitoring strategic infrastructure, natural resources, and ocean economy. Remote sensing and geospatial applications for construction, mining, forestry, fisheries and agriculture.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Surveying in mines and quarries – surveying for drilling, blasting, and volumes; construction and tunnelling operations; services and solutions for optimising mining operations and railway surveying. Information management and design software and solutions for construction. Mine planning and design software;

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: Processing and presentation of aerial and satellite images; airborne SAR images; orthophotography and digital photogrammetric technologies; stereoscopic mapping, image correction and enhancement techniques; spatial, image and resolution properties. Automated mapping and collaboration platforms.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: Spatial information management and database software, hardware, systems and services; GIS architecture, performance and system optimisation; GIS for tracking infrastructure development and provision of public services; and GIS for hydrological modelling and water resource management. Crowdsourcing, volunteered geographic information, open data, open source software, standards and interoperability.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Drone (RPAS/UAV) and mobile surveying platforms for land, engineering, geophysical, seismic, mine and hydrographic surveying; RPAS/UAV licensing, training, standards, equipment, systems, operations and services.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Smart construction design techniques and standards; software and solutions for intelligent construction costing. Rugged computing and mobile systems; mobile outdoor operation platforms; handheld GPS devices; and RFID and other wireless technologies for mining and construction.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: Mapping of water, oil, gas, minerals, agricultural and other natural resources; mapping and cartographic software; associated visualisation and presentation techniques, technologies and products including cameras, printers, plotters, scanners, display screens and data projectors.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: GIS and big data; internet of things and data for smart cities; data importing, merging and handling; open software platforms; spatial data infrastructure (SDl) initiatives. Location-based information services and applications for business, marketing, insurance, retail and banking.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Photogrammetric surveying by aeroplane, helicopter, satellite, RPAS/UAV and other remote sensing techniques; aerial photography and surveying equipment, systems and services; airborne laser systems and services; hyperspectral and thermal surveys.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Schedule management, change management, forecasting, and contingency management. Software and solutions for planning and design review; administration, process management and field management. Software, e-services and solutions for mining and construction.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: Digital mapping solutions for businesses; online interactive maps and automated map production. 3D data modelling, digital surface models and digital elevation models; mapping of geological features and land-form change; hydrographic mapping; risk and disaster mapping.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: Handheld GIS data collectors with multi-sensors; digitisers, scanners, PDAs, notebook computers, PCs, servers and data storage systems; augmented and virtual reality headsets and platforms. Geospatial applications for crime and forensic assessment, insurers, disaster management and emergency responses.


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Hydrographic surveying – surveying of oceans, dams, coastlines, continental shelves and marine resources; associated surveying equipment, systems and services. Role of geomatics in resolving maritime territorial concerns and in support of developing South Africa’s ocean economy.

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Software and solutions for drill and blast management; and asset management and maintenance strategy optimisation. Real-time positioning solutions for construction and mining equipment, activity management and monitoring. Building information modelling (BIM); software solutions for designing, engineering, building and operating road and railway networks, bridges, buildings, industrial plants, mines, power plants and utility networks.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: Indoor mapping, street, urban mapping, and asset mapping; data scanning and plotting; associated software, systems and services. 3D design software. Collaboration platforms for data management and integration.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: GIS for socio-economic upliftment. Geospatial applications for sport, entertainment and event management. GIS applications utilities, revenue control and asset management applications. Spatial and resolution properties of data; image correction and enhancement techniques;


Geomatics, surveying and measurement: Land and cadastral surveying for rural, farm, township and urban planning; land reform and redistribution; property development, construction and consolidation; associated surveying instruments. Surveying applications for managing underground utility infrastructure (water, electricity, gas and telecomms).

ConstructionIT and MiningIT: Construction software, services and solutions for cost management, project design and optimisation, and estimation. Software, services and solutions for designing, planning, managing and optimising mining operations.

3D modelling, mapping and visualisation: 3D mapping for mining, infrastructure and construction; image processing; laser scanning, imaging and mapping; 3D modelling, design and visualisation platforms and technologies for infrastructure development; associated visualisation and presentation products, technologies and techniques.

GIS, geospatial data, processing and applications: Business geo-analysis and location-based business intelligence, addressing, billing and marketing applications. Data integrity, data management and data quality control; metadata; and associated software, systems and services. Mobile computing.

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