Value proposition

EE Publishers connects technology and business professionals locally, regionally and globally to the information, people and solutions they need.

Reaching strategic technology markets: Since 1992, EE Publishers has provided comprehensive coverage of strategic markets: energy, electricity, electronics, mechatronics, engineering, manufacturing, lighting, mechanical technology, instrumentation, automation, telecommunications, computing, software and geo-informatics.

Connecting suppliers and customers: EE Publishers is a proven leader in connecting technology innovators and decision-makers locally, regionally and globally.

Comprehensive multimedia communication platform: Four print magazines, five websites, five email newsletters, four browser-based digital magazines, Android and iOS apps, various social media feeds, as well as an events offering – we offer it all.

Search engine optimised: We take the hassle out of search engine optimisation. Since our sites have great search ranking, we’ve got a loyal audience who read our quality content, which itself lead searches to our website where our advertisers enjoy prime ad space.

Providing solutions for business and development: EE Publishers provides comprehensive marketing solutions to build businesses, generate results and enhance return-on-investment.

Services for the industry: Entrenched in the industries we cover, we offer events organisation as well as production/design services to help our clients reach their ideal clients and audience. The production department provides a full range of creative design services for the make-up, production and distribution of print and electronic media advertisements, insert material, leaflets, brochures, and more. Our event management services focus on staging industry and company conferences, symposia, training courses, lectures, debates, breakfasts,  luncheons and dinners to its target sectors.

A respected industry leader: EE Publishers’ technical publications are market leaders in their sectors in Southern Africa. We are focused, committed and deeply embedded in the sectors we serve. All our magazines are respected, topical and full of high quality of content, connecting suppliers, customers and decision makers both domestically and internationally.

Global audience: Our digital presence and search engine optimisation which enhance our high quality coverage have brought us a global audience. As of February 2018 the EE Publishers’ website surpassed 1 million users with over 42 000 page views per month. EE Publishers has over 40 000 pages of information on its website which continually attracts customers and readers to our site on an ongoing basis.

An audience of professionals: EE Publishers’ readers are motivated, skilled professionals, in positions of authority who are often responsible for significant capital and maintenance budgets. Comprehensive and scientifically established readership demographics are available on request for each of EE Publishers’ publications.